Born in Camden, New Jersey, Thereasa was raised by a single mother who, in an attempt to give her a better life, raised her in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  During her childhood, Thereasa learned the importance of family and the great benefit that working together as a unit can have.  At the age of 16, Thereasa met her father, a Nigerian immigrant, for the first time and would soon form a close bond with him.  Thereasa's father settled in Maryland where he's lived for the last twenty years.  As Thereasa's relationship with her father grew, Maryland became a second home to her.  

Thereasa became the first person in her mother's family to graduate from college when she crossed the stage at Temple University as a graduate of their distinguished Honors Program.  To pay for college, Thereasa relied on loans, scholarship money, and the money made from her part-time jobs.

Thereasa later commissioned to serve her nation in the United States Navy, as a Surface Warfare Officer.  While in the Navy, she served as the Commanding Officer’s representative, driving and commanding both an aircraft carrier and a LHD Amphibious Assault Ship as the Officer of the Deck.  Thereasa deployed three times and earned many awards during her time in service.

Thereasa joined the Navy Reserves in order to attend The George Washington Law School.  Thereasa dedicated over 800 hours to community service, many of which helped me to her earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  In her attempt to better the community, Thereasa volunteered with many organizations:

  • - Family Law Pro Bono Project:  Providing legal assistance to low-income families.
  • - Street Law:  Training high school students about the articles of the Constitution, overseeing and guiding students during mock trial exercises, and teaching youth in a detention facility their Fourth Amendment rights.
  • - The Innocence Project:  Finding ways to challenge the wrongful conviction of an innocent man
  • - Public Defenders Office:  Fighting to prevent innocent people from being incarcerated solely because they could not afford an attorney.
  • - AIDSLaw:  Editing the newsletter in order to distribute accurate and up to date information to citizens across Louisiana. 
  • - D.C. Law Students in Court:  Serving as an attorney to the underprivileged to ensure that low-income citizens are provided with the same quality defense as wealthy citizens.
  • - Volunteered during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration to assist individuals arrested during the inauguration.

Thereasa had a beautiful baby girl who gave new meaning to her life.  When the new administration took over and the future success of our nation appeared to be in jeopardy, she knew that it was time to stop talking about all of the problems and start taking action to fix them.  Thereasa knew that the voices of the people were going unheard and someone needed to speak up for them, she decided to be that someone.      

Thereasa understands what it feels like to have no power and no voice.  She knows what it’s like to feel as though you have nowhere to turn for help.  She has not spent a lifetime in politics, so she has not become disconnected from the realities suffered by so many Marylanders.  As a mother, a daughter, a veteran, a Christian, a former student, a fellow Marylander, a Democrat, a woman, and an American, Thereasa shares your concerns and your struggles.  Raised with four male cousins and a brother, Thereasa has always been a fighter.  Let her fight for you.     


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