Regardless of your race, sex, religion, nation origin, sexual orientation, criminal status, age, income, or ethnicity, we were all created equally and deserve to be treated as such.  Most Americans have different backgrounds and that is what makes our country unique, but it's also what is causing friction between us.  We need to create an environment that educates our citizens regarding our differences and embraces them as the benefit that they are instead of demonizing them.   

The instances of hate crimes have been steadily increasing in our country, and have hit home as recently as May 22, 2017, when Mr. Richard Collins III was murdered.  Over 6 million Americans, 22,000 of whom are Marylanders, have been disenfranchised. More than 600,000 residents of D.C. are being taxed, but denied representation in Congress.  Our schools still have problems with segregation but instead of only being segregated by race, they are also segregated by income.  Immigrants are being labelled as criminals based solely on their status as immigrants.  Laws are still being introduced that attempt to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.  Racial minorities are still being profiled during criminal investigations.  Wage gaps still exist between the sexes and between the races.    

Now is not the time to cut the budget of the DOJ's Civil Rights Division.  Now is not the time to fire over 121 of the Division's employees.  Now is the time to finish the job that began so long ago, not just for individuals groups, but for our nation.  Our country needs to heal, I want to help us get to the point where we can say discrimination of ALL kinds is behind us.     

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