Paid Family Leave

Paid family is essential to ensuring family health as well as societal productivity.  No full time working Marylander should have to fear that if they take time off after a new child has entered their life that they won't be able to pay rent for the month or that their lights might be shut off.  Paid maternity and paternity leave shouldn't be a privilege reserved for those in certain positions, but a right enjoyed by all.  The time immediately following the birth or adoption of a child is critical.  In addition to serious medical risk to the mother and child immediately following birth, the bonds that are formed in the early days of the new relationship lay the foundation for it's future success.  While time off is already required for employers of a certain size, many can't afford to take advantage of the time off because they are living paycheck to paycheck and any significant decrease in income would be detrimental.  This is the reason why mothers and fathers, that work full time, should be provided with at least three weeks of paid leave following new family additions.  These full time working parents would be paid half of their normal income while they take time off to care for their families.  Ten of the twenty hours would be paid for by the government.   

This program could be funded by money generated from legalizing and regulating marijuana sales.

Elderly Assistance

When loved one's age, many family members take on the responsibility of caring for them.  As health problems and/or age advance, the struggle to keep up with daily responsibilities and properly caring for a loved one becomes more and more difficult.  With few resources to assist those who can't afford a home nurse, many are left to choose between keeping their loved one with the family or placing them in a permanent care facility.  A skilled day care facility, that would allow care takers to drop off and pick up loved one's daily, needs to be opened in order to ease the burdens that come along with caring for family members with failing health.  The facility would help families defray the high costs of outside care, help a loved one remain social, and give primary care takers time to accomplish other tasks and obligations.       

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