All Marylanders should have access to healthcare through Medicare for All, unlike TrumpCare suggests, no state should be able to decide whether or not your coverage should be affected by a pre-existing condition.  Income should not be the determining factor as to whether you live or die due to illness, a pre-existing condition shouldn’t bar you from affordable health care, and all individuals should have access to mental health and drug rehabilitation programs through their insurance regardless of how much money they make. 

We need to protect our most vulnerable citizens from the changes that TrumpCare wants to enact, especially the elderly.  These Marylanders spent their lives building up our communities and making sure that we had a bright future, we need to make sure that their health care costs don’t leave them living in poverty.       

23 million Americans and almost 200,000 Marylanders are at risk of losing health insurance coverage under TrumpCare.  We cannot allow this to happen.  

Immediately correcting some of the problems with the Affordable Care Act would take away a big part of the Republican argument that their plan should pass.  Thereasa believes that we should get rid of the marketplace and expand Medicaid giving everyone the option to be covered under it.  The individuals covered under the expansion would pay for their healthcare, but their payments would be based on their income, cost of living, and family size so as to prevent financial burden.  This would eliminate the vulnerability of the ACA associated with insurers willingness to remain in the marketplace and the availability of subsidies.  It is also a amendment that is likely to receive bipartisan support.

Thereasa believes that it is essential that we amend The Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act, HR 676.  We need to ensure that medical providers have an incentive perform well.  This can be achieved by amending the current requirements that all medical providers be paid a flat amount dependent upon their area of practice.  A medical provider rating system needs to go hand in hand with the program both to protect patients and to financial reward providers for exceptional services.  Additionally, region needs to be taken into account when deciding provider salaries. 


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