On the Issues

Civil Rights:  Thereasa believes that our work is not yet done.  See Civil Rights for more.

Criminal Justice Reform:  Thereasa believes that mandatory minimum sentences and the underfunding of our public defender services has led to overcrowded jails and prisons, broken families, and insurmountable injustices.  See Criminal Justice Reform for more.

Education:  Thereasa believes that all Americans should have access to a quality education.  See Education for more.

Global Warming:  Thereasa believes that climate change threatens the viability of our planet.  See Global Warming for more.

Healthcare:  Thereasa knows that affordable health care is essential in any developed nation, no one should be left to fend for themselves because they don't have enough money when they are ill.  See Healthcare for more.

Immigration:  Thereasa understands that we are a nation of immigrants, it's time that we embrace our differences as a nation.  See Immigration for more.

Increase Minimum Wage:  Thereasa believes that the minimum wage should be gradually increased until it reaches a living wage.  See Increase Minimum Wage for more. 

Marijuana:  Thereasa does not think that marijuana qualifies as a Schedule I drug and it should not be classified as one.  See Marijuana for more.

My Body, My Choice:  Thereasa believes that no government should tell anyone what to do with their body.  See My Body, My Choice for more.

National Security:  Thereasa thinks that we need to be smarter about the manner in which we address our national security threats and pinpoint the real problems.  See National Security for more.

Paid Leave:  Thereasa believes that full time employees shouldn't have to fear falling behind on bills due to illness, child birth, or adoption.  See Paid Leave for more.

Veterans:  Thereasa knows that veterans had our backs and we should have theirs.  See Veterans for more.

Volunteer Service:  Thereasa wants giving back to our communities to be rewarded.  See Volunteer Service for more.

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