Many things threaten the security of our nation at present.  From terrorism to foreign interference in our elections.  We need someone who is not afraid to speak up.    

Russia's interference in our Presidential election is a very concerning threat to our national security.  It would not matter who won the Presidency, if Russia was involved in the outcome, we need to learn the extent of Russia's involvement and who helped them.  If a foreign power has the ability to control the outcome of our elections our democracy is at great risk, not just because a sitting President or members of his administration potentially colluded with them, but because the sanctity of our elections defines our nation.

Terrorism is an ongoing threat, but also a problem that will not likely go away.  Our soldiers continue to die in battle and many have forgotten that they are still at war.  We need to continue to protect ourselves from threats, but not at the cost of labeling an entire religious group or an entire region as terrorist.  There is a very real threat and a very real enemy out there, but their name is NOT MUSLIM.  Our current tactics are doing little to protect us from terrorism and likely increasing the threat.  We need to fight terrorism in a smarter, more strategic manner.   

Jared Kushner has not been confirmed by the Senate, was not elected by the people, does not have any diplomatic experience, and yet he is performing the duties typically reserved for the Secretary of State and negotiating with foreign nations on America's behalf.  Along with the knowledge that he was working on a back channel communications channel with Russia, it is obvious that our national security is at risk with Mr. Kushner as it's foreign representative. 




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