Veterans deserve to be properly cared for, they have cared for our nation and we cannot turn our backs on them once their service has completed.

We need to create more programs that help Veterans find jobs after their service has ended.  While programs like Vocational Rehabilitation assist veterans that separate with disabilities, there are not enough programs that help those without disabilities.  Veterans need to be taken care of regardless of whether they were injured while serving.  

We should not have any homeless veterans.  We need to create a resource center that helps veterans BEFORE they become homeless, in order to prevent them from losing their homes and have housing for those veterans who are already living on the street.    

Veterans Choice is failing many Maryland veterans.  While the program is essential to ensuring that veterans are being seen and treated promptly, the statute regulating it gives the companies too much freedom.  The result is that they routinely fail to properly train their employees on patient care, which leads to inaccurate information, long wait times, and hours spent trying to correct their mistakes.  Additionally, they sometimes fail to schedule appointments for months because they are only required by law to hastily schedule the first appointment after the initial referral.  The result is veteran’s conditions worsen, their stress levels increase, and they are left with nowhere to turn for help.  The White House wants to completely privatize veteran’s healthcare.  With the tradition of giving contracts to the lowest bidder and the problems that already exist with the private sector involvement in Veteran healthcare, we need to rethink our strategy.

Additionally, Vocational Rehabilitation Office's are meant to assist veterans.  They shouldn't be met with hostility when trying to take advantage of these programs.  When veterans turn to Vocational Rehabilitation for help, they need to be welcomed with open arms not shooed away. 

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